Department Chaplain

Wayne Hicks

An Ordained Christian Minister, the Department of Delaware Chaplain Wayne Hicks is available for Veteran's Funerals, Memorial Services, and other religious events. He also will assist in religious counseling and can help find services for veterans with PTSD.

The American Legion’s founders believed that God and country cannot be treated as mutually exclusive if the United States is to survive and prosper. Thus, they created the office of post chaplain, charging it with keeping this association high in the minds of members.

As spiritual leader, the chaplain is an integral part of all American Legion ceremonies, especially the installation of officers; the initiation of new members; the dedication of halls, monuments or colors; and funeral services and other rituals that are standard throughout the organization. The chaplain’s participation adds to the spiritual growth of the post and its members.

As spiritual leaders, post chaplains see that the Legion’s “Service to God and Country” program is carried out at the post level. This includes encouraging regular public worship, daily family prayer and the religious education of children, all in an effort to bring Americans closer to the Creator. In addition, they promote individual citizenship, service to the community, and our obligation to uphold and defend the Constitution -- CHAPLAIN’S HANDBOOK