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July 15 - Its all about the kids...

Delaware American Legion Baseball Team Standings - [6/19]:
(Division win/loss, league win/loss.
Teams are sorted by Division win/loss. A link to the overall point standings is below)

R.C. Dupont Post 18 (3-0, 6-1)
Delaware Post 1 (1-1, 4-3)
Delvets Post 1 (1-2, 4-3)
Elsmere (0-2, 2-5)

VFW Post 3420 (2-0, 3-4)
Stahl Post 30 (1-1, 5-2)
Newark (1-1, 3-2)
Middletown Post 25 (0-2, 2-5)

Post 6 Patriots (3-0, 3-4)
Fox Post 2 (2-1, 4-3)
Milford Post 3 (1-3, 3-5)
Post 28 Warriors (1-3, 3-5)

From the Commish....

"Unfortunately, Big League often gets the rap that it's not the same quality of play as American Legion, but I disagree with that. - Rich Harris, Manager, DE Dist 1 Big League

Response from Roy Lamberton, Chairman, Dept of Delaware American Legion Baseball
I don't think its in the best interest of youth baseball to try to compare the various programs available to young men (and women) in Delaware.

American Legion Baseball has been played in this state since 1926. This web site  has a long list of alumni; from people who played on a Legion team and have gone on to the professional ranks, to others have played in college, or have had other careers that were helped along by playing baseball at the highest levels.

Most American Legion players also play well over 30 games (4 per week) in June and July. Our tournament winner can play over 40 games against competition from all 50 states and several of our teams play 50 or more games in a season.

One testament to the quality of our ballplayers is the list of Blue Gold MVP's who have also played Legion baseball during their HS years. You will also see a few Big League All-Stars also playing in Legion games every year and their overall play is better for their participation in both leagues.

Our league allows any players under 19 to participate if they can make a team. That adds a few college kids to each team every year. The older kids pitch harder, field better, and hit the ball farther and younger players can only improve as the quality of the competition they face improves with that experience.

In any case, I would encourage everyone to go out and watch a few Big League tournament games and support these young men as they play our American game, then come out to Wesley College or DSU on August 2-6 and watch the top 8 teams in Delaware American Legion Baseball square off.

These kids need your support, and you'll get to see some pretty good baseball too.

Roy Lamberton, Chairman
DE American Legion Baseball
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