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Delaware American Legion Baseball Team Standings - [6/21]:
(Division win/loss, league win/loss.
Teams are sorted by Division win/loss. A link to the overall point standings is below)

R.C. Dupont Post 18 (3-0, 6-2)
Delaware Post 1 (2-2, 6-3)
Delvets Post 1 (2-3, 5-4)
Elsmere/Oak Grove (0-2, 2-5)

VFW Post 3420 (2-0, 3-4)
Stahl Post 30 (1-1, 7-2)
Newark (1-1, 6-2)
Middletown Post 25 (0-2, 2-7)

Post 6 Patriots (3-0, 3-4)
Fox Post 2 (2-1, 4-5)
Milford Post 3 (1-3, 4-6)
Post 28 Warriors (1-3, 3-7)

Games to be Rescheduled:

6/7 - Post 1 at Elsmere
6/10 - Post 6 at Fox Post 2
Delvets at Newark
6/21- Post 6 at VFW [2]
From the "Commish:" June 23, 2008:

Some of you may notice that I've added a list of games to be made up down  below the standings.
I keep getting e-mails from people asking if the standings are "right." Well, they are as right as we can get them without making up scores and results. Individual teams wins and losses don't add up right now because of those missed games.

The program that built the schedule [Splendid City] has a way to track games, and produce standings. When I get a game score, I put it into the program and it spits out standings - I do have to put it in twice, once for the division, and one for the overall rankings, but its not all that difficult..

Anyway, on the left you'll see an Overall Seedings link - that is the overall point total for each team based on scores e-mailed or otherwise communicated to my office. You can also look at game scores by team, to see just what got reported.

You'll also notice a "Games to be Rescheduled" section.

Under the Delaware American Legion Baseball rules, managers have 3 days to arrange to make up a game before the Baseball Chairman has the power to impose a new game date. Honestly, I'd much prefer that the managers work out a better arrangement than what I'd pull out of the air.

Last year we had a team earn enough points to make the State Tournament, but was denied participation because they had 4 forfeits. That it happened was really not fair to the players on that team, they were let down in part by their team mates, but also they were let down by the re-schedule process.

This year, I am not going to impose a forfeit on a team that needs to reschedule a game unless the managers totally fail to work out another time and date. Yes, show up at a game site with 8 players and you will get a forfeit, but call early enough, and I'll give you all a chance to reschedule.

The point of all this is the issue of "deciding it on the field."

The kids play the games - their play should decide who makes the tournament, not some arbitrary rules.

Roy Lamberton, Chairman
DE American Legion Baseball
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