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June 19th - We're One Quarter of the Way Through the Schedule!

Delaware American Legion Baseball Team Standings - [6/19]:
(Division win/loss, league win/loss.
Teams are sorted by Division win/loss. A link to the overall point standings is below)

R.C. Dupont Post 18 (3-0, 6-1)
Delaware Post 1 (1-1, 4-3)
Delvets Post 1 (1-2, 4-3)
Elsmere (0-2, 2-5)

VFW Post 3420 (2-0, 3-4)
Stahl Post 30 (1-1, 5-2)
Newark (1-1, 3-2)
Middletown Post 25 (0-2, 2-5)

Post 6 Patriots (3-0, 3-4)
Fox Post 2 (2-1, 4-3)
Milford Post 3 (1-3, 3-5)
Post 28 Warriors (1-3, 3-5)
From the "Commish:"

That's right, as of Thursday night we had played 44 of our 168 games. All of you who were handicapping the 2008 Legion Schedule, did you get the standings right?

The 6/19 Divisional Standings are over on the left. I don't think anyone figured on Post 6 Patriots or the VFW 3420 sitting on top of the North or Central divisions, and even Don Kimsey is somewhat amazed that a very young R.C. DuPont has seemingly taken charge of the North.

But don't get too excited.

Down South, Post 6 has yet to face Fox Post 2, or the Post 28 Warriors on the road. The Patriots are pounding out the hits [over 10 per in the last 3 games], but they've been allowing opponents to almost score at will and commiting a lot of fielding errors as they solidify their lineup. And remember, you can never count Fox Post 2 out of anything, Post 28 has a lot of top [think IR] southern talent, and Milford has shown they can score runs too. The Patriots and Fox Post 2 have yet to meet this year, and the rest of the South is getting organized.

In the Central, everyone thought Stahl Post 30 was easily the team to beat in their division, maybe the state.

But nobody told that to VFW Post 3420, or the Delvets, who both out scored the folks from New Castle this week. Stahl can still score if you don't play good ball, but this week showed that really good pitching can shut down the Post 30 bats. And I wouldn't count out Middletown [too much latent talent] or Newark [the best of St. Mark's and Newark HS] just yet.

Then there's the North and R.C. Dupont Post 18. The Aviators have been flying high in the win column, but barely outscored Post 6 last weekend. They've beaten everyone in their division so far, and yes, Don Kimsey's doing it with a very young team. Delaware Post 1 and Delvets seem evenly matched, both playing well, and Elsmere really is not the patsy that they've been in the past, with a solid roster. Can the "kids" hold on? or will they be overtaken by the older kids from Delvets or Post 1 or Oak Grove?

Yes, sports fans, we're 1/4  through the season and tonight I wouldn't make a bet against any of the teams in the league.

What we are seeing is some strong opportunistic hitting, and, at times, some outstanding pitching. The old baseball guys will tell you that good pitching beats good hitting every time so once the managers get their rotations set, we can expect to see closer scores, and even tighter games.

Isn't that what baseball, especially Legion Baseball, is all about?

Roy Lamberton, Chairman
DE American Legion Baseball
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