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Why Play American Legion Baseball?

In 1925, American Legion Baseball was created as an outreach project centered on each local American Legion Post. Each participating Post was to participate in providing a baseball league for our children and grandchildren that would stress Physical Fitness, Americanism and Sportsmanship. [A brief history of Legion Baseball can be found here]
In 1926, when play began, there were few opportunities for organized baseball league play for teen aged boys. American Legion Baseball teams gave their players a chance to represent the local Legion Post and home town. Following that 80+ year tradition, the Delaware American Legion Baseball Committee organized our recruiting areas to provide "home town" teams.

Teams are sponsored by posts [or outside groups] in specific localities. Their recruiting areas take in several public and private high schools with the lines drawn to attempt to match existing geographic boundaries, making our teams represent the various towns and cities that make up the State of Delaware.

Players who choose to attend Delaware's technical, parochial or private schools play for the team in their neighborhood, an opportunity to play closer to home. They get to play on some of the state's better college and high school facilities with and against the best ball players from the entire State of Delaware. Here is a link to a list of selected Delaware Legion alumni.

In addition our teams have players who played for the top teams in the Delaware High School Baseball State Championship series. Its not always easy to crack the lineup, but the quality of the competition makes it worth the effort.

If you're trying to decide to play American Legion Baseball, ask your high school, or any college coach about how American Legion Baseball can help you gain experience by playing more innings against top competition. Three of the present college baseball coaches in Delaware are alumni of Legion Baseball.

Our competition starts June 7th, and continues until the first week of August. We'd like to see you in an American Legion Baseball Uniform this June and July

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